Exterior materials

Exterior Finishes are the outside covering that protects the structure of a building against the outside weather elements. Exterior finished walls add an extra element to the decoration of the house. This creates a unique and custom look that is also long lasting and eye pleasing at the same time.

Interior materials

Interior finishing materials visually identify and reflect the character of the space.The main purpose of finishing layer is to fix the surface. Also it is essential to coat wall, floor and ceiling in order to create a suitable appearance and to protect the construction from effects of water, heat, moisture, abrasion.

Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware is a slightly ambiguous one that in very general terms refers to sanitary appliances found in installations, such as toilets and bathrooms. It can be taken to refer to WC bowls, cisterns, bidets, urinals, and washbasins. This might be referred to as ceramic, porcelain or china sanitary ware, and is often white.

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Chakeri Commerce Company was established in 1981 by Mr. Mahdi Chakeri with a dream to beautify homes and offices. With Years of experience in the art of fine living Mr. Chakeri had laid the foundation to cater customers with affordable yet stylish and modern tiles and stones for their homes, offices and other premises. Chakeri Commerce Company as a well-trusted and well-known local company With several showroom branches and distribution in Iran, Collaboration with the best brands of construction materials always ensuring consistent and premium quality. Chakeri Commerce Company is proud to have the most satisfied and loyal customers. Join us and enjoy our quality goods and services.


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